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Figuring out what specialty you're interested in can be a daunting task for a medical student. Please use this website as a tool to explore the field of ophthalmology. On this site you will find a complete curriculum consisting of numerous credible resources to provide an overview of this fascinating specialty!

This project is being led by students and faculty at medical institutions all across Canada! 🇨🇦

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About the Curriculum

This website was created to provide medical students with an overview of the specialty of ophthalmology. The curriculum contains various credible resources that our team has taken the time to verify. Displayed on the curriculum page, is all of the information you'll need in one place, making it easier to access and learn. The copyright remains linked to these resources as we do not take credit for the information presented on the sites we have provided links to. 

How should this website be used?

This website should serve as a tool to introduce medical students to the specialty of ophthalmology.  We have divided the curriculum into various categories. If you would like to complete the full curriculum, it is recommended to go through the curriculum in a sequential fashion.


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